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Concept - One-Stop Service

Although China is the world’s second largest market for both medical devices and medicines, many Nordic / European life science companies hold back from doing business in China because of lack of market knowledge and both real and perceived entry barriers, and therefore consider it too difficult and risky. This cuts them off from a large and rapidly growing market.

This uncertainty and doubt includes geopolitical tensions, language barriers, poor IPR protection, forced technology transfer, hidden protectionism, unfair local competition, new laws & regulations, complex application & approval procedures, unclear procurement rules, and unknown distribution channels. 

To lower the entry barriers, we have gathered a team of experts with many years of know-how and experience from advising and assisting Nordic / European companies entering and operating in China.

NLSP is a one-stop service platform that helps Nordic / European companies to explore and enter the Chinese healthcare market. We reduce the challenges and time-to-market by offering companies expert advice and supporting services.

Boao Yiling Life Care Center
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