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Services - Step-by-Step Entry Model

NLSP is a one-stop service platform that helps Nordic / European companies to explore and enter the Chinese healthcare market by taking advantage of the preferential policies and opportunities at Hainan Boao Lecheng.

We deliver a Step-by-Step Market Entry Model (download for more details) that supports companies all the way but also give them the option to pause after each step of the process to decide their next move in China.

Our experienced Team offers expert advice and supporting services such as project management, legal assistance, IPR protection, product evaluation, hospital matchmaking, contract negotiations, fast-track approval, CRO selection, RWD Study implementation, NMPA filings, market research, partner search, company set-up, product registrations, and distribution channels.

NLSP cooperates closely with the hospitals at Hainan Boao Lecheng and Chinese national distributors of medical products that can open doors to the rest of the mainland China market.


Step-by-Step Market Entry Model Flow Chart
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